Product Information

Real-time Skimming Fraud Detection for card issuers

ATM crime fraud continues to be a significant problem around the world. INFORM has developed an intelligent detection solution that is making use of the modus operandi of ATM skimmers. By looking at millions of card transactions, our RiskShield technology is able to monitor incoming transactions and match cards, which has been used at the same payment terminal previously. Sounds imposible? Download now and learn how.



Application Fraud Prevention and Credit Scoring

Like every financial institution and insurance company, you want to ensure you have a proper customer acceptance process in place to define the business risk of every new relationship. RiskShield is designed to help financial service providers meet the requirements associated with risk scoring new customers and to prevent financial losses and fraud. Our tool set provides you with a solution to analyze internal and external risks and protects your business from credit risk and application fraud.



Risk-based Solution for Online Payment Authentication

RiskShield has launched a risk-based solution for 3D-secure authentication to increase consumer convenience for online and mobile purchases. By providing a new layer of authentication to the traditional payment verification process in form of a “password” or another type of security code that the consumer enters, greatly improves security making credit or debit card transactions while increasing the online shopping convenience for consumers.