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RiskShield protects websites for malicious WIFI hotspots

The new cyber threat is a good example of how critical it is for banks to be able to quickly react to new types of threats. With RiskShield it allows them to easily adapt the detection rules in a short timeframe and without any IT involvement. 

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INFORM strengthens international commitment to the battle against insurance fraud
13 December 2012

INFORM is strengthening its involvement in the international market in the fight against insurance fraud and is already working in close collaboration with international fraud expert Lars Skaar. By appointing Lars Skaar, we have gained an expert who has an intimate understanding of the challenges facing international insurance groups in the battle against attempted fraud. His support will allow us to respond more specifically in future to the requirements of insurance companies, both in terms of sales and product development. 

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Equens to offer RiskShield fraud protection for card payments
11 October 2012

Today Equens, one of the largest pan-European card and payment processors, announced that it has selected RiskShield from INFORM GmbH as the basis for a new approach to fraud detection and behaviour monitoring. By utilising the flexibility offered by RiskShield, Equens will be able to offer tailor-made fraud management services to issuers and acquirers. In the delicate business of card and payment processing, risk and fraud management are of the utmost importance. With RiskShield, Equens has further strengthened its European risk and fraud management service proposition.

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INFORM Supports Banks in the Fight Against Skimming Attacks
10 March 2011

Intelligent fraud prevention software system protects against cash withdrawals using illegally acquired card details. INFORM GmbH, a provider of intelligent decision-making software systems, announces its support for banks in the fight against fraud from skimming attacks. At one major European bank alone, within just six months INFORM has helped to reduce losses from skimming attacks by 1.5 million Euros.

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Rabobank fights Fraud with a flexible Coherent Multi Channel Approach
25 November 2010

International financial services provider, Rabobank, has stepped up their protection against online fraud and increasing levels of phishing attacks. It will tackle the issue with RiskShield from INFORM GmbH and will monitor payment transactions and internet banking sessions with a coherent systematic approach.

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