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By Michael Skiba The Psychology of Fraud - The Fraud Triangle
13 June 2016

- Why Do Fraudsters Commit Fraud Over Other Types of Crime?


This second part of the article (see PART 1) we talk about the Fraud Triangle, developed by Columbia University. The Fraud Triangle is a great visual depiction of how fraud occurs. This concept further supports the contention that reducing opportunity should be the key element of counter fraud efforts.           

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By Stanley Harmsen van der Vliet Closing the Gap between Security and Customer Convenience
9 June 2016

- Every single day millions of consumers are making online payments to purchase goods on the web or manage their online banking accounts. The growth of e-Commerce and online banking has transformed money spending from traditional cash payments to digital information traveling around the web at the speed of light. New eCommerce technologies have broadened our markets and have made it more convenient for consumers to pay online for products and services with just a few clicks.

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By Tami Rockholt Inappropriate Trauma Activation Charges
7 June 2016

- A common theme appearing all across the country is the tendency for hospitals to bill a trauma activation fee, ranging from $6,000 to $30,000, for all patients whose injuries arise from a motor vehicle accident, no matter how minor the accident or injuries.  These charges appear even when the patient is triaged by a nurse, examined by one physician and discharged to home after two or three hours.

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Interview with Gabriele Boni and Dr. Andreas Meyer The Future of Online Payments: Addressing the Fraud Challenge
30 March 2016

- European payment infrastructure provider, SIA recently integrated INFORM’s real-time fraud prevention solution into its platform for the benefit of their  financial, corporate and retail clients. We asked Gabriele Boni, Financial Institutions Division Director, SIA and Dr. Andreas Meyer, EVP Risk & Fraud Division, INFORM about the future of online payments and combating fraud in an increasingly digital world.

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By Thomas Freedland, DC The Problem With Electronic Health Records
22 February 2016

- The problem with the Electronic Health Record (EHR), beside the fact that Microsoft Word always wants to correct it to HER, is not the fear of the computer, but the quagmire of requirements under “Meaningful Use.” I have used an electronic record for 20 years with the assistance of a word processing software program. Microsoft Word has all the bells and whistles necessary to create a useful, legible, and transferable electronic record for the small office.  It is as secure as your system (local network, Internet, etc.)

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