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Mary McLean, BS Bioengineering Medical Identity Theft Threatens Lives As Well As Finances
8 January 2014

- Medical identity theft is a frighteningly easy crime to commit. Recently, a Colorado man named Joe Ryan received a $44,000 bill for a surgery he never had. It turned out that an ex-con had checked himself into the hospital for surgery with the Ryan’s social security number, and that was all it took!

Medical identity theft is a crime defined as someone using “your personal information to collect money, prescription drugs, goods, or health services.” It is less common than financial identity theft, but arguably more harmful because thieves’ actions can alter medical records. This can be directly life-threatening to the victim, who may have incorrect histories, incorrect diagnoses, and a plethora of other inaccuracies on their medical records.

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By Dr. Andreas Meyer Air Freight Security must learn from Credit Card Fraud Prevention
4 December 2013

- Following the latest terror attack attempts using explosive parcels in air freight, INFORM’s Risk & Fraud and Airport Systems divisions are urging the aviation industry to adopt profiling techniques currently being used in the finance industry to identify suspicious cargo items.

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By Tami Rockholt Look at Your Hospital Bills
18 September 2013

- If you have recently been a hospital patient, a family member was recently hospitalized or you are a claims adjuster examining a file that includes a hospital visit, you should take a close look at the hospital bill. It is important to verify that the bill you received accurately represents the tests and treatments that were actually performed. There is a lot to be learned by a careful examination and you might end up saving some serious dollars.

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By Joe Wehrle, President and CEO National Insurance Crime Bureau Why Property Casualty Insurers Care About Medical Fraud
22 May 2013

- During the early stages of discussion about healthcare reform, I visited the offices of several Congressional leaders in an effort to try and explain the need for public and private industry information sharing related to the potential fraud that we anticipated with any dramatic change in healthcare. One staffer gave me a clear indication of the challenges ahead when he asked, “Why do auto insurers care about healthcare?

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By Dennis Jay, Executive Director Coalition Against Insurance Fraud Healthcare fraud: Partnership and Progress While Immense Challenges Remain
19 March 2013

- Healthcare fraud once again took center stage with the release on of a report on Feb. 11 detailing the Obama Administration’s efforts to clamp down on Medicare and Medicaid thieves. This past year, the feds recovered a record $4.2 billion, and $14.9 billion over the last four years. Stepped-up efforts are returning $8 for every dollar invested in anti-fraud activities. Whether we’re finally turning a corner and putting fraud thieves on the run is an open question.

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